Slipknot co-founder and percussionist of the band, Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan made a new interview with Dannii Leivers of Metal Hammer this week and talked about the upcoming album that the band is working on for over two years.

As you might follow their career, Slipknot released their sixth ever studio album named ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ in 2019 and it was co-produced by the famous record producer Greg Fieldman. The album got debuted at the number one spot on US Billboard 200 as it sold over 120K units in a month.

In his latest interview with Metal Hammer, Clown was asked whether Slipknot’s upcoming album will be likened to their legendary album Iowa which was released twenty years ago. According to Slipknot percussionist, the pandemic has been similar to the times they were recording ‘Iowa’ and that’s why their upcoming album will full of pain and dark.

Here is what he said:

“This one is a cobra in a basket. You can either know how to play the instrument, or you can take the circumstance. This is real. But you’re gonna open the basket. You’re going to play, you’re going to charm and be charmed.

What are you going to do when you’re the Clown and you’re stuck at home? I got busy writing. We got busy thinking and feeling. We got busy loving and taking it in. I had the leisure to do it in my own sanctuary and have beautiful people show up and just eat peppers from my garden after writing music.

Then another little thing happened. Just like you and I are on Zoom right now. Imagine being someone like the Clown, who wouldn’t buy into FaceTime who wouldn’t buy into technology asking his singer, ‘Hey, send the vocals through the Internet.’ But this year has been a year of Zoom and FaceTime. And do music at your house and email it and we’ll put it in the song. This has been a great year to catch up on technology and utilise it and benefit from art making.

I was able to work on music with others in the band and Corey was in Vegas and he was able to go to a studio and do vocals and send it. That’s amazing. So I took benefit of that stuff and those that never wanted to use technology are using technology, like me.”

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