Coldplay made a new statement on their official Instagram account today to announce the release of the new bonus track from their 2019 album, ‘Everyday Life,’ and excited their fans.

Back in November 2019, Coldplay published their eighth studio album named ‘Everyday Life,’ and it listed at the fourteenth place in the UK Albums’ year-end charts. It includes singles as a self-titled song ‘Everyday Life,’ ‘Champion Of The World,’ and more.

Today, they released the Japanese bonus track, ‘Flags,’ and promoted it on social media. Furthermore, the band stated that it had to be socially distanced for a while because all the spaces in ‘Everyday Life’ were filled with other songs at the time of its release.

Later on, all the band members thanked the fans for their support throughout the year and appreciated their kind words about their latest release. Afterward, they stated that they love all of their devoted fans more than they could imagine and earned the respect of the community.

Here is the official announcement from Coldplay:

“We love this song (out now worldwide) but by the time it came along all of the spaces on Everyday Life had been filled and we had to socially distance it.

Thank you for all the ways you’ve supported us this year. We love and appreciate you more than you could know. Love c, g, w, j & p.”

You can check out the post and listen to the song below.