Coldplay made a new announcement on their official Instagram account and revealed the release date of their upcoming single Higher Power.

As you might remember, Coldplay shared an encrypted video about four days ago, and they excited the fans with their upcoming project. After a while, it revealed that the name of this project was Higher Power, releasing on May 7.

However, Coldplay didn’t make any official announcement until today. While most of the community thought that they are going to release a new album, the band stated that Higher Power is a single.

While Coldplay was thanking their followers for showing their interest in Higher Power, they also announced that there will be a limited edition CD single with a decoder on the track.

Here is the official announcement from Coldplay:

“Hello everyone. Thanks for all the hype on Higher Power. There’s a very limited edition CD single with a decoder on the back, courtesy of our friends on Kaotica.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Coldplay – Instagram