The long-time bassist of Coldplay and entrepreneur, Guy Berryman, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and paid tribute to the fashion designer, Pierre Cardin, who he referred to as an ‘amazing body of work.’

As you may recall, Guy Berryman had previously made it to our headlines with his successful clothing line. Having such a passion for designing, it should not be surprising that he was devastated upon receiving the sad news considering the passing of a fashion-legend.

There is no doubt that Pierre Cardin is one of the most successful designers of all time and his unique, inspiring, and futuristic approach to fashion design inspired millions of people. He is especially well-known for his fascination with space travel and his incorporation of space helmets and goggles into his looks.

Pierre Cardin was also the first civilian to try on the original space suit that Buzz Aldrin designed for NASA in 1970. His loss saddened millions of people not only in the fashion world but in the rock world too. Guy Berryman was one of the rockstars who paid his respects to the designing legend while thanking him for everything he has done.

Here’s what Guy Berryman said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“Pierre Cardin 1922-2020. What an amazing body of work he leaves us. Thank you, Pierre 🙏”

You can check out the photo that Guy Berryman posted on his Instagram account below.