The famous Scottish musician and the successful bassist of Coldplay, Guy Berryman, posted a photo on his Instagram in which he is in a type of a studio but the reason he is there was not what his fans predicted.

As you probably know, Coldplay released their eighth studio album named ‘Everyday Life‘ in late November 2019, and it consists of two albums in one CD with the first half titled Sunrise and the other Sunset. The album soon became the Number 1 on the UK album charts and thus became Coldplay’s eighth UK Number 1 album.

Just yesterday, Coldplay received two Grammy nominations for their latest album ‘Everyday Life’ as the ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Best Recording Package.’ This excited both Coldplay’s members and their fans and followers.

After the announcement of the Grammy nominations, the band’s bassist Guy Berryman posted a photo from the studio which at first glance excited Coldplay fans who have been expecting a new album. However, it turns out that Berryman is doing preparations for his clothing line.

Aside from a musician, Berryman is also an entrepreneur and he has his own magazine and clothing line. Applied Art Forms is a label created by Guy Berryman who is the Creative Director of this clothing line.

With his recent Instagram post, he announced that customers can now get their initials printed on the clothes they purchase with no extra charges during the coming two weeks. It turns out that the studio he is in is A/A/F Studio Two where he is getting ready to cut the stencils with the customers’ initials.

Even though it was probably not what his fans expected, his new announcement got thousands of likes and hundreds of positive comments. His followers appreciated his effort and supported his new idea.

Here’s what Guy Berryman said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“We’ve just launched a personalization service with Applied Art Forms – get initials printed for no extra charge for the next 2 weeks only – delivery before Christmas – I’m in A/A/F Studio Two right now ready to cut your stencils

Orders already underway. Link in bio leads to A/A/F webshop.”

You can check out the photo that Guy Berryman posted on his Instagram account below.