Press Release: Dewar PR

Cleveland’s CONTRA are pleased to reveal “Dr. Goldfoot”, a new track taken from their forthcoming album Deny Everything.

Listen to the track here:

Pre-order the album and preview a few tracks at this location:

About Contra:

CONTRA was formed as an instrumental 3-piece by former SOFA KING KILLER guitarist, Chris Chiera, and ex-RUE drummer, Aaron Brittain. After briefly playing together in another local outfit, they sought to start their own band and enlisted the aid of SO LONG ALBATROSS bassist, Adam Horwatt, to play 4-string baritone guitar.

After recording the Son of Beast demo the band decided to add another layer to their potent mix of metal, blues, rock, and sludge by asking vocalist Larry Brent to join their ranks. Larry had previously contributed vocals to local hardcore stalwarts DON AUSTIN, THE UNHOLY THREE, and SPLINTER, in addition to the Laughing Hyenas-influenced HATCHET JOB. After only three shows, Larry began recording vocals to eight of the ten tracks of Deny Everything.

Contra is:

Aaron Brittain – Drums,
Adam Horwatt – Bass/Guitar,
Chris Chiera – Guitar,
Larry Brent – Vocals