Stone Sour started working on their next studio album for the follow-up to this year’s “Hydrograd” album.

Recent interview with Corey Taylor, he spoke about the next album and said:

“We’ve already been writing some stuff, and it’s actually kind of… It looks like it’s darker — [there are] some really cool, darker ideas.

“It’s one thing to say ‘dark,’ but then you never know. You could say, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be dark as shit,’ and then you get in the studio and it’s not dark at all. You’re just, like, ‘Well, what the hell was I talking about?’ You just kind of have to go with the music. You never know.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.

Their last album, Hydrograd debuted at number eight on the US Billboard 200 with 33,000 album-equivalent units, with 30,000 of that figure coming from pure album sales