Recently, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor attended Eddie Trunk’s podcast and mentioned their canceled tour with Metallica before the pandemic.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak and its follow-up restrictions, Metallica announced a big collaboration with Slipknot, stating that they will continue their WorldWired tour in Australia and New Zealand starting from October 2019. Unfortunately, they announced the cancellation of the tour later in September.

James Hetfield was struggling with drug addiction, so they had to pull out from the stadium tours as he re-entered rehab. The band refunded the tickets and was there for Papa Het during this challenging period.

It was exciting for Slipknot and Metallica fans to see both bands perform, but everyone supported Hetfield’s decision, including Slipknot. After the cancellation, Slipknot announced their disappointment and stated that their thoughts were with James Hetfield and Metallica. Therefore, it was seen that there weren’t any hard feelings between the musicians.

Here is what Slipknot announced in 2019:

“To our Australian and New Zealand fans and family,

We only recently heard the news about the tour being postponed, and we are working as quickly as possible to determine the next steps. We will let everyone know as soon as we are able. Of course, our thoughts are with James and Metallica. We wish them nothing but the best.

We hope to see you all very soon.”

Recently, Corey Taylor mentioned the tour they were about to do with Metallica while talking about how big Slipknot got and how incredible that is for him. He stated that even though the shows were canceled, it was big enough for them to be considered to perform with one of the biggest names in the rock and metal world.

Here is what he stated:

“We were plotting the stadium run with Metallica in Australia a couple of years ago, obviously before unfortunately James had to pull out, but this is big for us.

It seems like Taylor idolizes Metallica, and performing with them would have been a big step for Slipknot. However, although they didn’t get a chance to share the stage, Corey still appreciates the consideration and attention they received from the metal icons and their fans.