Griffin Taylor and Simon Crahan, the sons of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan, recently released a new single with their band.

The vocalist Griffin Taylor formed the rock band Vended along with the lead guitarist Cole Espeland in 2018. The band is known for the two members, Griffin and Simon, who are the sons of Slipknot members. They have also announced their name in the music scene with the song ‘Burn My Misery.’

The band has been described in the genres such as alternative metal, hard rock, and thrash metal. They have been influenced by impactful names like Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, and Iron Maiden while creating their sound. They also have been known for their make-up which represents distinctive designs. The current line-up includes the personas ‘Skull Face,’ ‘The Clown,’ ‘The Jaguar,’ ‘The Fox,’ and ‘The Wolf.’

The band recently announced their new single ‘Ded To Me’ before hitting the road for a European tour starting on July 20 in Romania, which they would support Slipknot with a show at the beginning of this tour. The band’s guitarists, Cole Espeland and Connor Grodzicki, along with the bassist Jeremiah Pugh, expressed their pride in this new track.

As reported by Metal Hammer, the band said:

“This song is unforgiving and uncompromising. We are back and better than ever. This is a straight f*ck you!”

You can listen to the song below.