The iconic frontman of Slipknot and Stone Sour and also most charismatic stars of the current era, Corey Taylor, has shared a new video on his verified Twitter account and excited his fan community by the cryptic and mysterious project.

As Corey stated in the video, he’s filming something special for the fans but chooses to censor the exact name of the project by beeping the middle of the speech he sent. However, almost every comment predicts that he’s filming some of his latest solo work.

Last month, Corey Taylor was the latest interview guest of Knotfest’s Terry Bezer and declared that there will be 13 songs in his upcoming solo album.

Also, Corey Taylor mentioned that the album %98 to %99 was recorded live in the studio and they were able to record almost 25 songs in just two weeks. and this shooting would be one of the singles that will be released soon.

While he’s sending the video of the news that he’s shooting a surprise video for his fan community, he used the shortening of the ‘Corey Motherf**king Taylor‘ on the tweet he sent.

Here is what Corey said on the video he sent:

“Hey everybody! Corey Taylor here. We are back behind the scenes of filming the video for *cencored* you see the championship right here.

Anybody wants to take it, bring it the f**k on!”

And here is the hashtag he used:


You can watch the video and try to solve the mystery by yourself below.