During Slipknot’s performance at The Hills Of Rock festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, lead singer Corey Taylor spoke on stage to deny the rumors of the group disbanding.

Throughout their musical career, Slipknot has always been known for visually stunning stage performances. They also became the center of attention with their unique costumes and strong lyrics. Their bond with their fans made them more eager and passionate about their music.

The group managed to release six studio albums throughout its career. Their forthcoming record, ‘The End, So Far,‘ will be their seventh studio album. Slipknot recently announced that they would release their new album on September 30. The track list consists of twelve songs for their fans to enjoy.

Recently, Corey Taylor spoke on stage during The Hills Of Rock festival performance to inform fans about Slipknot’s future as a band. He stated that the new album represents a closure but also a new beginning. He added that a breakup would never happen as a response to those who claimed that Slipknot would disband after the new album.

Corey Taylor’s words about the rumors of Slipknot disbanding:

“I’ll tell you what, some of you might have heard the news that Slipknot has a new album coming out very, very soon. The name of that album is called ‘The End, So Far.’ And for those doomsday motherf*ckers who think that Slipknot is going to break up, that is not the case. This represents the end of one moment and the beginning of the rest of our f*cking lives. Do you understand what I’m f*cking saying to you out there?”

You can watch the video below.