After releasing his latest single featuring one of the most iconic rappers of this era, Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie, named CMFT Must Be Stopped, Corey Taylor has made a new interview with ‘Kerrang! and exposed his thoughts on music genres.

While talking about the current status of lots of genres including Rap and Rock, Corey admitted that folk-rock music in current days sounds like ‘a fuc*ing Dove soap commercial,’ and he hates being in a shell and not doing something different in his music career.

Corey exposed that the people who listened to his upcoming works say that they can not imagine what the songs will sound like when the public sees it live, and this is the best compliment he can have.

Slipknot and Stone Sour legend also stated that his upcoming solo album will not be a sign of the death of a genre that he still thinks the rock is awesome.

Here is what he said:

“It’s really safe and fucking weak, and it feels like there’s no attitude. There’s nothing that’s offending people’s sensibilities, and that’s what rock is supposed to do sometimes.

That’s not to say that there are aren’t good fucking bands out there doing it, but it just seems like the types of music that are really getting all the attention are the safe bands, and I hate anything safe.”

He continued:

“This isn’t exactly an anti-‘genre is dead’ kind of vibe, and it’s fine that genre is dead, but the rock is still fucking awesome, so get over yourselves.

I really want people to listen to this album and go, ‘Fuck, that was a good time.’ I want people to listen to this album and go, ‘Goddammit, I cannot wait to see these guys live.’

That, to me, is the best sign that an album has really worked: when people will go, ‘God, can you imagine what this is going to sound like when we see it live?’ That’s the best compliment you can really have.”

You can click here for the source and check out the latest single of Corey Taylor below.