Slipknot and Stone Sour co-founder and frontman, Corey Taylor, was recently interviewed by ‘Steve-O’s Wild Ride‘ and talked about the legendary masks of Slipknot as well as his recently released solo album named ‘CMFT.’

As you may already remember from our recently published articles, Corey released his first-ever solo album named CMFT on October 2, 2020, and it features thirteen new tracks including a bonus track for Japanese Edition. Last month, Corey also announced that he will perform in many states in the United States and reminded that Covid health protocols will be strictly enforced by the ticketholders and purchasers for all employees.

In his latest interview with Steve-O, Corey was asked why Slipknot want to change their mask before releasing each studio albums. According to Corey, wearing a mask was not for anonymity or something like that, and it was all part of their artistic vision.

Here is what Slipknot frontman said:

“In the beginning, it was cool that nobody really knew who we were. And the reason that we wore the masks wasn’t for anonymity or anything really, it was all part of this artistic vision that we had.

And part of it was the shock value, but at the same time, it lent itself to the artistic stylings that we were trying to kind of go for. It was almost like a uniform, we were the anti-image.

At the time, everybody was so shiny and pretty, and everybody had their fashion and whatnot. And here we were, nine dicks from Iowa, and we were like, ‘You know what? You don’t get our cheekbones or our hairstyle! Here’s our mask! You don’t get our fashion! Here are our coveralls. You don’t get our name! Here’s our name – our number, the bar code.’

It was basically almost like an anti-establishment thing. I changed my mask every album, yeah. Some guys like what they wear so they change it subtly. I like to evolve mine. ‘Clown’ is still the Clown, but his mask changes every album. It’s still a clown mask but it’s totally different.”

You can watch the interview below.

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