Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor appeared in a recent interview with Good Company With Bowling and talked about the time when he joined Slipknot as a lead vocalist.

As you might remember, the iconic heavy metal band Slipknot was founded by Shawn Crahan, Joey Jordison, and Paul Gray in 1995. About two years later, the band started to look for more melodic vocals for their music which led him to ask Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor to join Slipknot.

In a recent conversation he joined, Corey Taylor talked about the time he decided to become the lead singer of one of the most famous heavy metal bands. During the interview, Corey revealed that he actually knew Slipknot’s co-founder Shawn Crahan, known as the Clown, before he joined the band. He also stated that Slipknot’s original vocalist, Andy Colsefni, was actually a great singer and performer.

However, according to Corey’s statement, the band wanted a little bit more wildness from their vocalist and that’s why they parted ways with Colsefni and approached Taylor as their new vocalist.

Furthermore, Corey stated that he was one of the big dogs in the town and he could be able to show what he is capable of with Stone Sour. Also, Taylor recalled the time when Stone Sour and Slipknot collaborated for several shows together back in the days.

Here’s how Corey Taylor replied if he knew Slipknot’s Clown:

“I’ve known him since about ’95 – I knew him for a couple of years before I actually joined the band.”

The interviewer mentioned their initial singer by saying:

“Because they had a different singer.”

Here is how Corey Taylor responded:

“Right, yeah, they had a guy named Andy and he was great. Great singer, great growler. For what he did, he was really, really good.

But they wanted somebody who could do a little more, and I was kind of like the other big dog in town. Because I had Stone Sour then, so we actually did shows together – Slipknot and Stones Sour.”

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