Corey Taylor, the lead vocalist, and lyricist of the Slipknot revealed the band’s peculiar stage moments, especially the early onstage behaviors of Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan during an interview with ‘Off Menu Podcast.’

Slipknot’s live performances are known for being chaotic, extreme acts, along with energetic and unpredictable performances. The early years of the band set the tone and made Slipknot’s live concerts ferocious acts to watch. However, in the later years, due to the receiving lawsuits and to avoid harming people, Slipknot tended to refrain from being physical with the audience and calmed the tone a little.

Being asked about this early stage of the band’s actions, Corey Taylor mostly talked about Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan and his actions. The Clown is known for going into the crowd and tie people up with the microphone cord. Taylor referred to him as a monkey in a cage because of his uncontrollable actions on stage.

Here is what Corey Taylor said about the band’s actions onstage:

“It used to be – ‘Clown’ would just run out on stage, it was like being in a monkey cage in the zoo; he’d shit in his hand, and I’m like, ‘What in the fuck?! We haven’t even played a note yet and I’m already trying not to throw up, that fucking prick!’

You know what he did one time? We were playing a show – and I want to say it was in France, and it was a particularly ferocious French tour – we were playing all these like little side-stages, we had no money, we had no nothing. So every night was just a fucking war. And he comes out on stage one night and he does the whole fucking G.G. Allin thing and he’s just going insane.

I challenge anybody to sing in key when there’s shit. It was something out of ‘Lord of the Rings,’ a shit-covered orc just standing there. And I was like, ‘I chose this. I chose to be here. And I’m really starting to regret that decision.’

I got through the song and was able to grab a towel and just kind of get it off before just spewing to the side. It was fucking great, it was awesome.”

Interviewer asked:

“Do you think how Slipknot has maintained such a live ferocity? You started so extreme that the down is just the normal for most bands when they start?”

Corey Taylor responded like this, as you might remember:

“Basically, yeah. It’s like we came out of the gate so nuts that only age has been able to really kind of take the edge off of it.

And yet on stage, we’re still just a fucking ball of what-the-fuck. We still tour like we’re 25 because we’re stupid, and we’re just fucking running all over the place.

We’ve all had at least one surgery, it’s like, ‘What the fuck are we trying to prove at this point? I can kick my own ass, you fucking watch!’ It’s just so – I don’t get it, man.”

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