Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman and co-founding member of both bands, Corey Taylor, was recently interviewed by Lazer 103.3’s Andy Hall this week and discussed Knotfest Iowa, the upcoming projects of his band, CMFT Tour, and their legendary album ‘Iowa.’

As you might already follow the band, Slipknot released their second-ever studio album named ‘Iowa’ back in 2001 and it was produced by Ross Robinson. The album features fourteen tracks including an additional song for the ‘Japanese Edition.‘ In 2012, Slipknot released the 10th Anniversary Edition of the album which was recorded live at London Arena, 2002.

In his latest interview, Corey was asked whether Slipknot will be available to enter the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame list next year. According to Corey, he does not even care about Hall and called the organization a ‘pile of garbage.’ He also shared the band’s plans for the 20th anniversary of Iowa.

Here is what he said:

“You know, I’ve been talking with a lot of people, for retrospective, and the more I talk about it [‘Iowa’], the more these visions keep coming to mind of the whole process of making that album and what we went through to make that album. The weird stress that we put on ourselves that was completely different than the pressure that everybody else was trying to put on us.

We all just kind of – we shirked all of that other weird pressure from the labels, the management… We didn’t like, ‘Another ‘Wait and Bleed,’ that’s what we need!’ ‘No, you’re not gonna get that, just shut up and get out of our face.’ The pressure that we were putting on ourselves was not only to top what we had done on the first album [1999’s self-titled] but to really go beyond.

And it really set the tone for being able to just throw curveballs at our fans for the rest of our career. It was like, ‘You think you know what you’re gonna get from us? Think again.’ We are going to challenge your expectations every time, and so you just give yourself up to the fact that you’re just going to wait to hear what’s coming, and you’ll never guess where we’re going.

So that was like the first step, and that was us really trying to set the tone, not only for how dark that album would be, also just where we’re going in our career.”

You can listen to the interview below.

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