Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently appeared at the Mad Monster Party. During a Q&A session, he shared the story of how Metallica’s ‘Disposable Heroes‘ became his favorite song by the band.

As Slipknot previously announced, they will embark on two North American tours this year. In the first leg of their tour, they will be supported by In This Moment and Jinjer, while the second leg will guest Cypress Hill and Ho99o9. The first one will begin on March 16 and end on April 17, whereas the second leg will start on May 18 and end on June 18.

The band will finally hit the road after a long break. The band’s lead vocalist, Corey Taylor, recently appeared at the Mad Monster Party with many other celebrity guests just before their upcoming tour. The event included a costume contest, Q&A panels, and many other activities. At the event, Taylor also joined a Q&A session which lasted over 45 minutes.

The singer was asked a wide range of questions by the fans, and one of them was about his all-time favorite Metallica song. Corey Taylor revealed without any hesitation that his favorite Metallica song is ‘Disposable Heroes‘ from the band’s 1986 album, ‘Master of Puppets.’ He recalled that he was very young when the album came out, and he went into a local record store to buy it. He listened to Side One of the album all the way, and when he flipped Side Two, he was strongly impressed with the first song, ‘Disposable Heroes.’ Taylor stated that it has been his favorite Metallica song ever since.

Here is how Corey Taylor revealed his favorite Metallica song:

“‘Disposable Heroes.’ That song… you guys have got to remember, when that album came out, I was young, and I walked to buy the tape at the local Sam Goodie, which, for some of you who don’t know, is a f*cking record store and a longer story than I want to get into. So, I walked to the local mall to buy the tape at Sam Goodie. I had my f*cking Walkman with me, and I listened to it all the way. Side One is a f*cking clinic — such a clinic. Classic. So rad.

I flipped the tape, and that first song is f*cking ‘Disposable Heroes,‘ and all of a sudden, I just had my head ripped off. I was just like, ‘This is the greatest f*cking song.‘ That riff is so stupid rad. I can’t even f*cking explain it. The song just kept building and building and building. Yeah, to this day, it’s my favorite f*cking Metallica song. It’s so rad.”

You can have a look at the entire Q&A session below.