Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor opened up about the times when he made terrible investments and also about how he spent his money the most efficient way during a conversation with Talk is Jericho.

As you may know, once musicians start to make money by gaining fame, most of them often prefer to make investments for their future either in real estate, winemaking, or a record label since it’s quite unknown when you are in or out in the music industry.

During a recent interview, Corey Taylor was asked about the worst and the best money he’s ever spent, and apparently, he was conned three times total, once by a ‘friend’ who offered to open a tattoo shop in the middle of nowhere. He was also deceived by another ‘friend’ who offered to open a t-shirt company, instead, he spent all the money on food and drinks. And lastly, Taylor was fooled by a family member whose name he decided to keep as a secret.

Here is what Taylor stated in the interview:

“I burned in like three different high-level investment ‘schemes.’ And of course this was back when we were freshly successful, I had a lot of coin coming in – thought I was smarter than I really was…

And when you’ve got money – everybody is your friend, everybody’s got a great way that they can double your money, ‘Oh, dude, I got this insane investment!’

So I blew like $35,000 on a tattoo shop in the middle of nowhere that I was convinced it was gonna do really well, like, ‘Dude, there’s not a tattoo shop for 30 miles in any direction!’ Like, there’s a reason no one out in the sticks wants to get a tattoo, right?”

Taylor also mentioned the failed t-shirt company and continued:

The second one was a T-shirt company that had the potential to be lucrative if homeboy hadn’t spent most of the money on food and bottomless cups of coffee – didn’t print anything, didn’t do anything, wiped my ass with 15-20 grand on that.”

Then Corey added:

The biggest one – and I keep the names out of this one because this one was brutal – was a family member who I tried to help, with a pet supplier’s company, which was basically the middle man, like, passing fish back and forth.

They would raise them and pass them on to that for shops, and within a year, that family member and their spouse were smoking the profits on crack and meth. It was gnarly. I wiped about $100,000 on that one.

After the worst reveal, Corey Taylor opened up about the best money he ever spent, and seemingly, it was the time when he went to a DVD store and spent $10,000 on DVDs and DVD players. Taylor stated that they could not even give him a regular receipt due to overshopping.

Here is how Taylor recalled his best investment:

“The best money ever spent was – it was the Best Buy story, like, that was me flexing. So I walked into a Best Buy and I spent $10,000 on DVDs and DVD players. I had four grocery carts, I was an asshole, it looked like a nightmare train, just rolling, and this was back when Best Buy had all the stuff, and it was the best and worst thing that I’ve ever done.

It was a jumpstart to a DVD collection that got way out of control. I still have them, and they’re sitting in boxes. I just keep going, ‘What the hell am I going to do with these, man?'”

Slipknot and Stone Sour icon added:

“I mean, there’s a part of me that wants to take and just pay somebody to dump the obscure ones on a hard drive and I can set them up in my media room so I can access them, but at the same time I’m just like – this is just me going through 12 boxes, full, giant boxes. It was so stupid. They couldn’t give me a regular receipt, they had to give me a printout of four-five pages, and that was the last time I really did anything like that.”

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