Slipknot lead singer Corey Taylor was recently interviewed by Vulture and Corey was asked his relationship with his former bandmates.

Corey didn’t want to talk much about former Slipknot member, who sued the band earlier in 2019, Chris Fehn and said that: “The less talk about him, the better. Let’s keep it that way.”

Here are his statements:

 “It’s not like we changed a baseball team. Obviously, losing Paul, we had to have somebody step in there. Parting ways with Joey was tough, but Jay more than adequately has fucking done that.

The less I say about Chris, the better, let’s put it that way. But the creative core of the band is still there. You get two of the best guitar players in the world, Jim and Mick. And one of the most creative minds ever with Clown.

He continued:

“So it was never a matter of this wasn’t gonna happen. And honestly, it came down to whether or not we wanted to do it, and once we realized we did, the fucking gloves were off.”

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