Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor’s fiancee Alicia Dove wrote a recent tweet on her Twitter account and revealed the story about how did she meet with Corey Taylor.

A fan named Fatih asked:

“How did you first meet with ? I really would like to know the story.”

Alicia responded:

“How did I first meet him? 2010(ish) with . I was a Falcons cheerleader and Jay worked at the head office. Josh Rand is a huge Falcons fan, so Jay and him would hook each other up – concerts/Falcons. I just came along. Basically we’d go to SS shows to see Josh.”

A fan named Maria asked:

“Did you imagine that you would date him after a few years?”

Here is what Alica Dove said:

“No. Not at all. Jay and I ran into CT at a Knot show. I was with a huge group of guy friends and we thanked him for the tix. He shook everyone’s hand BUT MINE. He looked at me dead in the eyes, and turned away. I was like wow Corey Taylor is weird but ok.”

Yesterday, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor engaged with his long-time girlfriend Alicia Dove. He has shared the photo of engagement ring on Instagram with this special message:


Forever. And Ever.”

The photo also shared by Alicia Dove on her Instagram page with the same message. You can see the engagement ring below.

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