Photo Credit: Corey Taylor's Instagram Page

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor‘s fiancee Alicia Dove wrote a recent statement on her verified Twitter account and responded to the claims about calling her a stripper.

Alicia said that she had a 3 million dollar performing insurance policy and every single member of her group is a professional dancer.

Here is what she said:

To the people calling me a stripper:

1. People don’t throw money at me at the end of every show (I wish).
2. Last I checked, a stripper didn’t need a 3 million dollar performing insurance policy.
3. “Stripper” isn’t an insult. It’s just not what I do. Get smarter. Try harder.

With that said, we do have elements of Burlesque and Stripping. For example, we have pole dancers. They’re insanely athletic and impressive to watch. And our piece to Rob Zombie’s “Pussy Liquor” is more like a Burlesque “peel” where we take off our jackets and gloves.