For more than twenty years, Corey Taylor has been pursuing a very successful career as both Slipknot and Stone Sour’s lead vocalist and primary songwriter. However, his wealth is very unusual, considering his bands’ international fame and commercial success.

Corey Taylor started his professional musical career when he founded Stone Sour in 1992 with Joel Ekman, who became the band’s drummer. After five years of performing and working on the songs together, they disbanded in 1997, and Taylor joined Slipknot as their lead vocalist.

Corey Taylor Net Worth $10 Million

After Corey Taylor joined Slipknot, he became the great voice behind Slipknot’s legendary works, ‘Slipknot,’ ‘Iowa,’ ‘Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses),’ ‘All Hope Is Gone,’ and more. Taylor later reunited with Stone Sour and continued to release and perform as its lead singer.

Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor currently has a $10 million net worth. Even though he is the lead vocalist of two commercially successful bands, it can be said that his net worth is significantly low when compared to other rock and metal lead singers who are multimillionaires.

Why Does Corey Taylor Earn Less Than Other Frontmen?

In one of his previous interviews, Corey Taylor revealed the reason behind gaining less money compared to other rock and metal stars. He stated that Slipknot members have agreed to share their incomes, which they receive from live shows, records, and other things, equally.

Taylor explained this situation saying:

“The great thing about the business part of it is that because we’re from Iowa, it all makes sense. You do the work, you get paid. That’s straight-up it. We split merch equally. We split live shows equally. We do everything equally. And if we’re all working toward the same thing, then it just all makes sense. We’re always taking care of each other.”

Therefore, it seems that the mutual agreement between Slipknot members is why Corey Taylor has a $10 million net worth even though he is the lead singer and primary lyricist of a world-renowned band.