Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor shared a bizarre tweet on his verified account and said that:

“Working on my ‘87 Dokken high notes this morning. Fucked around and blew out the left testicle. Careful on re-entry, kids.

Of course, that was a simple joke. However, lots of leading daily news websites released ‘serious’ articles about that.

Alternative Press used that article:

“.@CoreyTaylorRock says he blew out his left testicle while practicing high notes 😬”

Corey responded:

“You have GOT to be fucking kidding me.”

Kerrang also posted an article about it:

“🤢 @slipknot’s @CoreyTaylorRock ‘blew out’ his left testicle while singing That sounds… nope. Nope.”

Corey responded with two different tweets:


“You can hear my eyes rolling.”

You can see all those bizarre tweets below: