Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor spoke in an interview with U.K.’s Kerrang! and revealed his new year’s resolution for 2018.

He said that “he will stop engaging trolls about politics on Twitter.” Here’s the statement:

“Honestly, I would rather take a fucking saw to my own face than deal with that kind of bullshit anymore. It’s so unnecessary and pathetic, and I can’t take any more of that shit.

It’s not even that I have a problem with their politics: it’s their self-righteous indignation that comes with it.

For all the harrumphing that the right does about the left being a bunch of snowflakes, they are the ones that are so butthurt about so much shit, it’s not even funny. I look at them and think, ‘I’m not going to sit here and debate a crying child.’

If there was a button on Twitter that asked, ‘Would you like to block with relish?’ then that’s the one I’d be hitting. They can enjoy their spoilt-brat infancy. I’ve got kids of my own, without having to deal with kids that I don’t need to take care of.”

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