Stone Sour bass guitarist Johny Chow spoke in the recent interview with ‘Not These Two Fucking Guys’ and explained why they have great momentum and energy with the band members.

In the conversation, Johny shared his love for Stone Sour by saying that they are doing everything equally. He said that there is no such thing as someone want one percent of the profit, they are splitting the twenty percent of the income for all the five members whether someone wrote a single note or not.

Also, Johny stated that this is one of the reasons why the energy is so good with the band members and why they love to hang out with each other. Furthermore, Johny said that they showed this love to each other with the Hydrograd album.

Here is what Johny Chow said:

“The reason why Stone Sour is so special to me, man, is because it’s been so many years since I haven’t been a hired gun – and that’s what you start out doing.

You’re just jamming in a garage with your buddies, you wanna be a part of it – you wanna play your own bass lines. It’s a double-edged sword, man. It’s like, ‘Oh, you had a shitty tour? Fuck you, pay me.’ ‘Oh, your bus broke down, and now we’ve gotta… Fuck you, pay me.’

From when I leave the house to when I get back in the house, I’m getting paid the whole time, that’s the advantage to being the hired gun; you can have shitty tours.”

He continued:

“I love Stone Sour ’cause they do everything equal, man, 20% across the board for five members. And it’s great, ’cause there’s no, ‘Oh, I played this,’ or, ‘I played that,’ and, ‘I need my 1.3% more than you.’ There’s none of that, man.

Whether you write a single note or nothing at all or all of them, everybody splits everything equal. It’s a really great vibe. That’s why, I think, we do have such good energy amongst us.

We have a good time. We all enjoy our company. We love hanging out with each other. And I think it showed on that last album, too. That last album was recorded live.”

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