Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor’s teenage son and also a brave social media personality who does not want to hide his sexual identity, Griffin Parker Taylor, has posted a new photo on his Instagram page today and reacts to people who say how could he be Corey’s son and also gay at the same time.

Three days ago, Griffin has posted a bunch of new photos on Instagram and showed the moments that he was crossdressed. While sharing that he has lost all will go care about what society thinks, lots of fans made offensive comments on the post.

As you will check out the caption he has written on the description area of the post, Griffin basically reminded that he’s responding those haters with sending emojis or just like the graffiti he has shared: “Hoes Mad?”

Here is what Corey wrote with the photo he has sent:

“When someone says ‘How can you be gay and ALSO be Corey Taylor’s son!?!?’

I either say ‘like this, ‘🤯’ or I just send them this, 😂😂😂.”

You can check out the latest photo of Griffin below.