The professional dancer Alicia Taylor, who’s also Slipknot and Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor’s wife, recently posted a couple of tweets on her Twitter account and reacted to the negative comments she received after her collaborations with her husband.

Alicia Taylor, who’s best known as the founder, manager, and director of the dance and performance group Cherry Bombs, was recently targeted by Corey Taylors fans. After the couple’s collaboration on various projects, such as Corey’s new song ‘Live The Madness’ with Moonshine Bandits, his fans started accusing Alicia of using Corey to make it into the music world.

These accusations got even harsher after Corey Taylor’s announcement considering the ‘CMFTOUR 2021’ which Cherry Bombs will attend as special guests. In her recent tweets, Alicia Taylor expressed her frustration and disappointment in the face of unfairness and said that this wasn’t the reaction she got when she collaborated with other artists.

She went on to give an example and said that she’s collaborated more times with the professional wrestler and musician Chris Jericho than anyone else, ‘yet no one has a thing to say about that.’ However, when it comes to her collaboration with Corey Taylor, they accuse her of using him to make it into his business and music.

Here’s what Alicia Taylor said in her first tweet:

“It’s weird. I’d say I’ve done more collaborations with Chris Jericho than anyone else and yet no one has a thing to say about that… 🤔”

She went on to say:

“no ‘she’s using Chris!’
no ‘shes shoving her way into his business and music!’
no ‘he only works with her because _______’

and yet I have more projects with him than my own husband.

So, what gives?”

You can check out Alicia Taylor’s tweets below.