Alicia Taylor, the wife of Slipknot and Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor, recently posted a tweet on her Twitter account and talked about a series of rumors considering Corey and herself while drawing on the claim that they are being members of the Illuminati.

As you may know, Alicia Taylor is the founder, director, and manager of the dance and performance group Cherry Bombs. Although she leads a busy life, she always enjoys interacting with her fans through her Twitter account, and with her recent tweet, she addressed some rumors that have been going around about her husband and herself.

The professional artist and fire dancer, Alicia Taylor, has been with Corey Taylor for a while. The couple got married in October 2019, and millions of fans appreciate their close and loving relationship. If you follow Alicia or Corey Taylor on Instagram, then you have probably come across their cute photos together.

However, being so close and so popular also means that there are a lot of rumors about them. Recently, Alicia addressed some of them and put the Illuminati on the table. As you may have heard, there has been a rumor about the couple being Illuminati members, but with her recent tweet, Alicia made it clear that it is nothing but a rumor.

She said that based on the rumor, the couple worships Satan and they ‘control a giant sex trafficking ring.’ However, she went on to say that the same person who spread that rumor, is also a person who believes that the apocalypse is on its way and that it was God who ‘told her all of this.’

Here’s what she said in her first tweet:

“Weird/funny/creepy stories about things people have claimed about me and/or my husband.”

And this is one of her examples:

“Corey and I are part of the Illuminati and we worship satan and control a giant sex trafficking ring but also the apocalypse is coming and god told her all of this.”

To which a fan commented:

“Omg – you must have incredible time management skills to worship, be in a club, organize a ring, work, and have a family. Is there a course for those of us that need to find that kind of balance?”

And Alicia Taylor responded:

“It’s a lizard people skill. Satan has to bless you or something like that.”

You can check out the tweets below.