Alicia Taylor, Slipknot and Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor’s wife, recently posted a tweet on her Twitter account and answered a question about the weirdest thing on her body while hinting that she believes in the existence of aliens.

Alicia Taylor is known as the founder, director, and manager of the performance and dance group Cherry Bombs and the former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader. As her job is closely related to her physical strength, it shouldn’t be surprising that she often receives weird questions considering her body.

In a recent tweet, she talked about two weird things about her body, one of which she inherited from her mother, and said that neither of them can explain why it exists. The first weird thing that Alicia Taylor talked about is that she can twist her hand 360 degrees, which is quite impressive.

The second one is about a ‘weird hole‘ in her arm which looks like someone pierced her there. The even weirder aspect is that her mother has the same mark and neither of them has any idea where it came from. At that point, Alicia could do nothing else but put the blame on the aliens.

Here’s what Alicia Taylor said in her recent tweet:

“What’s a weird thing about your body?

I can twist my hand 360 degrees (flexible elbow maybe?)

I have a weird hole in my arm where it looks like someone pierced me. No idea where it came from. My mom has the same thing. Aliens?”

You can check out Alicia Taylor’s tweet below.