Alicia Taylor, the wife of Slipknot and Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor, recently posted a tweet on her Twitter account and talked about how they started dating with Corey and revealed who took the first step.

Alicia Taylor is currently quite busy directing and managing the dance and performance group Cherry Bombs, which she founded. However, it seems like she still has time to respond to questions about how she ended up getting married to Corey Taylor.

The professional artist and fire dancer, Alicia Taylor, got married to Corey Taylor in October 2019, and the happy couple has had a ‘happily ever after‘ type of life since then. If you follow Alicia or Corey on Instagram, you probably have seen their adorable couple photos.

Being such a cute and famous couple often makes them the target of personal questions such as how they met, and how their first date was. Alicia had responded to the first question last year through her Twitter account.

In her tweet, she had said the following:

“How did I first meet him? 2010(ish) with Jay Adams. I was a Falcons cheerleader and Jay worked at the head office. Josh Rand is a huge Falcons fan, so Jay and he would hook each other up – concerts/Falcons. I just came along. Basically, we’d go to SS shows to see Josh.”

When asked whether she knew she would date him from the first moment she had said:

“No. Not at all. Jay and I ran into Corey Taylor at a Knot show. I was with a huge group of guy friends and we thanked him for the tickets. He shook everyone’s hand but mine. He looked at me dead in the eyes and turned away. I was like wow ‘Corey Taylor is weird but ok.'”

Just yesterday, Alicia Taylor posted a photo of herself and Corey on her Twitter account. It turns out that the cute photo of them eating pizza is from one of their first dates. The photo was liked by almost a thousand people and seeing the cute couple on one of their first dates, raised numerous questions about the couple’s history.

One of Alicia’s followers said that they look adorable and asked Alicia to tell them who asked out whom. Alicia responded with a surprising fact. When Corey asked her out the first time Alicia actually said no but he turned her answer to a yes after a ‘few weeks of persistence.’

She also added that even though her heart said yes and she wanted to go to the date, her brain was stopping her from following her heart. However, it seems like time was all her brain needed to accept that Corey is the one.

Here’s what her follower asked Alicia:

“The cute couple! Who asked who out?”

Here’s what Alicia responded to her follower’s question:

“He asked me out. Initially, I said no. After a few weeks of persistence and I said okay. My heart knew, but my brain had to have time to follow.”

You can check out the tweet that Alicia Taylor posted on her Twitter account below.