Cherry Bombs’ founder and the wife of Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, Alicia Taylor, has shared a new post on her official Twitter account and revealed why she is mad during the pandemic of coronavirus.

COVID-19, publicly known as coronavirus, has been spreading the world for three months. From the start of Wuhan, China, this virus has affected over 245K people in total and 88K of them recovered.

In this outbreak, all of the medical workers trying to give all the efforts they have to deal with this disease, and they even put themselves in danger while doing this. However, some of the patients were disrespecting and treating bad at these doctors and nurses.

Because of these disrespectful behaviors, Alicia Taylor got mad and showed her anger to those people. Furthermore, Alicia stated that we should be grateful to the medical workers for what they are doing for us.

Here is what Alicia Taylor wrote:

“The people who have to get out there and work and risk infecting themselves with this fuckery deserve a plaque. Be good to them. Or I will find you and cunt punt you.”

A fan named Katelyn Alicia replied:

“My dad is a nurse and works as an ICU nurse in the hospital they have 6 coronavirus patients in there unit that’s he’s been exposed to every day and every night he goes to work my mom and I worry that the next morning he comes home that he’s gonna start getting sick.”

Another fan named Crystal Spears said:

“Honestly, I’ve felt guilty as weird as that sounds. I see posts almost daily of people being laid off as well as some of my friends and family and they’re so scared about what’s going to happen, Meanwhile, I’m picking up overtime shifts at the facility I in.”

You can read her tweet below.