Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor’s wife Alicia Taylor shared a post on her official Twitter page responding to haters who accused her of using her husband and his fame in order to promote her brand new show named ‘Macabaret.’

As you may recall, Alicia Taylor is the founder and director of Cherry Bombs which is a popular rock dance group that has the credits of performing and collaborating with other high-profile groups like Saving Abel and Puddle of Mudd.

Cherry Bombs have been working on a project named ‘Macabaret’ which is going to be a visual concert including a story of a man tangled in a web of torment and retribution. When he finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere, he hopes for help, however, what he finds karma, as it’s told on Cherry Bombs’ official website.

In order to support his wife’s work, Corey Taylor shared the trailer video of ‘Macabaret’ on his official Instagram page and praised his wife’s dance group in addition to promoting the movie.

Here is what Corey Taylor said in the caption of his post:

“The culmination of hard work and vision is finally done! Buy tickets for the Cherry Bombs movie ‘Macabarét’ at the link below and get ready for Rock, Metal, Fire, and Mayhem!”

Since Alicia is Corey’s wife and supporting one another is something most of us admire, one should be expecting fans to be happy when they see the Instagram post. However, the reality is far different from it as Alicia revealed in one of her latest Twitter posts.

Recently, Alicia Taylor shared a post on her official Twitter revealing that some ‘fans’ have accused her of using her husband’s fame in order to promote her movie. As a response, Alicia stressed how sexist it is to think this way by showing the incident the other way around.

Here is what Alicia said:

“Husband releases an album. Wife posts about it. ‘We love how much you support him!’

Wife releases a movie. Husband posts about it. ‘She’s using you.’ oh kay”

Alicia continued:

“I know these people don’t matter but I find the double standard to be worth pointing out because it’s painfully obvious. Imagine getting your panties up in a wad over a husband supporting his wife- both of which you don’t even know or will never know. Some of y’all are weird.”

You can see the Twitter and Instagram posts below.