Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor’s wife and founder of Cherry Bombs, Alicia Taylor, took to her official Twitter account to show how much toxicity she has been facing on social media to her fans.

Alicia shared the comments of the people who tried to harass Alicia and bully her on social media. She said that this is not something to ignore and revealed how an important problem it is right now.

Moreover, Alicia mentioned that this is not just a thrash-talking or bullying somebody, this is something beyond that. Because of these obsessed haters, Alicia stated that she needed to stand and fight against this behavior and proved that there is something to worry about.

Here is what Alicia Taylor wrote:

“Here’s a little snippet of the fuckery. See exhibit A, taken from my YouTube notifications: *create troll account*, *comment- control c*, *create another troll account*, *control v*, repeat as necessary so it looks like there’s many who agree… Okay, Becky.

This isn’t a case of ‘throwing the slightest shade’ ahem… This is calculated and persistent.”

A fan named Lee replied:

“This is more than that. Its targeted harassment, dangerous and can lead to violence. Keyboard warriors think it makes them tough to gives them some sense of sick self-satisfaction.

But it turns hard-working, talented people into targets. It also inspires violent minds.”

Alicia Taylor responded back:

“This comment right here… This is why I take a stand and fight against it so much. Obsession is not something to just ignore.”

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