On Twitter, Corey Taylor’s wife Alicia Taylor received a call for help from a Twitter follower for an important cause. Taylor didn’t remain silent on the topic and shared a Tweet from the follower to raise their voice to support victims of domestic violence and rape.

Corey Taylor, who is better known as the lead singer of the bands Slipknot and Stone Sour, surprised the fans by getting engaged to Alicia Dove last year. Yet, a few months later the couple got married and announced their marriage on Alicia’s Instagram page.

Today, Alicia Taylor received a request from a follower on Twitter. The Twitter user named Skullyarts asked Alicia to help them raise their voice and support the victims of domestic violence and rape. Alicia answered their request by saying ‘Absolutely.’

Check out the original Tweet of Alicia below.

A few days ago, Alicia Taylor shared an old picture of herself as a dancer and she mentioned how much she changed over the years.

She wrote on the caption of the post:

“Little did I know I was just training to have a neck that matched my starmate’s”

You can find her Instagram post below.