During a recent interview with The Outhouse, David Coverdale, the founder of the popular English band Whitesnake, talked about his process of creating music during the lockdown and discussed some of the songs that he created within his house which were highly enjoyed by fans.

David Coverdale, who is often praised for his successful career with Deep Purple and Whitesnake, recently gave out an interview and opened up about how COVID-19 has affected his life as a musician and described how his regular music projects helped both him and his fans.

The 69 years old rockstar who is known for his unending passion for music, has been entertaining his fans throughout the lockdown. In his recent interview, David Coverdale talked about the things that have helped him during this lockdown and while one of them was interacting with his friends on social media, the other one was creating music.

As you may have come across, for the past year Coverdale has been posting half-a-minute songs on his social media which he calls ‘The Songs From The Dining Room Table.’ He started this series after creating a song called ‘Coronavirus Blues’ which was highly appreciated by his fans. Following that Coverdale started making more and more music which helped both him and the people around him ‘get through the fuc**ng day.’

Here’s what David Coverdale said in the interview:

“One of the things, I think, that’s helped me get through [the pandemic] is the amount of humor that comes through my e-mail or my text box. I have maybe 20 friends [who send me stuff]…

Were you following me when I was doing those acoustic things in the mornings? My wife would be, ‘I’m trying to sleep here.’ I’m singing quieter and quieter.

I wrote a song called ‘Coronavirus Blues‘, in which my wife was in the kitchen making dinner. And it started this series, ‘The Songs From The Dining Room Table.’ And it just helped people get through the fucking day — difficult days, dark days.”

Click here for the source and you can listen to both ‘Coronavirus Blues’ and the compilation of ‘The Songs From The Dining Room Table’ below.