Cannibal Corpse vocalist George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher revealed that he learned how to sing a metal song like Slayer’s Tom Araya when he was young during his recent appearance on Revolver’s Fan First.

Slayer released their third studio album entitled ‘Reign in Blood’ on October 7, 1986, and it received very positive reviews from metalheads and music critics. As it turns out, Fisher, who was inspired by Slayer at the beginning of his career, listened to the album a lot.

The singer highlighted that he didn’t have any vocal coaches or wasn’t trained to be a singer, so he’s a self-taught musician with the help of Slayer, Morbid Angel, and Venom’s records. He would listen to ‘Reign of Blood’ and try to sing like Slayer icon Tom Araya. He also got the help of Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford.

Corpsegrinder added that he was always more into death metal. He then expressed his happiness for getting a chance to tour with one of his greatest inspirations, Slayer, as a part of their farewell tour, which started in May 2018 and ended in November 2019, shortly before their disbandment.

In Fisher’s words, he said:

“For me, it was constantly like listening to Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, not that I got out of that music but then when I heard Venom and Slayer, I was ‘Wow.’ This was even more like… and I just love the heaviness, speed, so every band had to be faster and more brutal or technical.

It just had to be more extreme to me and that’s where I just ended up finding my way into the world of death metal. When I was growing up, I eventually decided that because I was younger, I used to sit and think I could sing like Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford. I thought I was good, but I know I was probably brought into the core.”

He added:

“I didn’t have anybody teaching me. I was just trying to sound like them and without any real training, but when I was listening to Slayer and possessing all those bands, no one was there to train me. You could learn to sing, go to vocal coaches for singing. I know there are some extreme vocal coaches now but back then there was nothing like that. I learned just by putting it on screen and by listening to ‘Altairs of Madness.’

Slowly rewrite… I learned from that I learned from listening to ‘Reign of Blood.’ I tried to emulate those guys and replicate how they were singing, and it just ended up that even the trash vocals which I still love and think are great. We did a cover of a Possessed song, ‘Confessions,’ and it’s me, but I’m not singing straight-up death metal as I would for like Cannibal Corpse.”

You can check out the video below.