Famous rock singer, Courtney Love, who is also known for her marriage to rock legend Kurt Cobain, recently shared an old photo on her official Instagram account and made a bold statement.

You might remember that Courtney Love recently shared an Instagram post about the changes she was doing in her life. She decided to run her Instagram account to portray herself properly after finding out how her account was managed. She deleted many of her posts due to how she was portrayed as a person.

Now that she is running her own account, she shared an old photo of herself on stage with the caption:

“First job that Paid that I liked 🎸💪”

The photo is from her early years in her music career with the band ‘Hole’ she formed in 1989. In the photo, she is wearing a yellow crop top and rocking the stage as always. It is clear how much she enjoyed the show.

Courtney Love fans loved the photo.

A fan named glcsb said:

“You’re amazing! Love u so much. 💕”

Lisa commented:

“Awsome pic, I loved that dress!! 😍”

Another fan named thenervousbreakdowns said:

“The green Rickenbacker and the gold lamé dress is a visual and sonic ripper.”

You can see this amazing photo on her Instagram post below.

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First job that Paid that I liked 🎸💪

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