Kurt Cobain’s widow and talented singer of Hole, Courtney Love has shared really rare photos with Kurt Cobain on her verified Instagram account and shared her feelings about her past.

In the post, we can see Courtney’s beauty and Kurt’s heartwarming smile from a mile away. They were both looking gorgeous in the picture. We can easily notice that the photos are taken before Kurt’s death but not a close of date from his unexpected death.

Also, Courtney shared her deep feelings about her past and stated that she is so grateful for having such a great husband and friends.

While we were writing this, Courtney’s post reached over 26.000 likes and most of the fans left their reaction in the comment section.

Here is what Courtney Love wrote:

“Looked with my team through images of my life – for the NME awards. tragic ,weird, beautiful, wild, amazing, crazy – none of it small, (until it got small. )Fuck small.

What an honor to have worked with and loved some of the geniuses I have, and what an honor that they’ve worked with and loved me. #icon , yeah baby , I’ll take it. It’s cute. ⛲️💎✨🎖🖤#avedon #rockandroll #meisel #kevynaucoin #england”

A fan named Amadeus Soszka added this comment:

“That’s great and I wish you a nice evening, dear Courtney.😘🌸”

Another fan named Amanda Dolan said this:

“@courtneylove And What an honor it is to call You my Idol for the past 27yrs #icon 🌟💖🎸🌹💄”

You can check out her post below.