Kurt Cobain’s widow and also semi-retired musician of Hole, Courtney Love, has posted a couple of new photos on her verified Instagram page and recalled the story of how her gifted guitar to a kid was stolen by ‘Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.’

According to the story, a few days after Kurt Cobain has passed away from this world, his little fan named Bobby Costello has penned an emotional letter to Courtney Love and shared his feelings after Kurt’s death.

Later on, Courtney penned yet another letter to a kid named Bobby Costello and gifted one of the most iconic guitars of Kurt, ‘Fender Mustang Sky-Stang III.

After almost twenty years after Kurt’s death, in 2012, Bobby Costello has penned a Facebook post on a page named ‘Kurt Cobain Guitars,’ and claimed that Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has stolen and sold the guitar without his consent even he got all documented proof that he’s the legal owner.

Today, Courtney Love has shared the letter she sent to Bobby many years ago and said ‘Shame on you!’ to ‘Rock & Roll Hall of Fame‘ who is currently displaying Kurt’s ‘Sky Stang III’ even though they knew the exact story of it.

Here is what Courtney Love said:

“Somedays I wonder if Freud (Sigmund) is right about humanity. That we are all pieces of godless shit hurtling through time and space, and that honor is just a joke.

Shame on you ‘Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’ displaying Kurt’s guitar I gave this poor kid. Knowing it had been stolen from him.

Oh. And Joy Division and New Order have been eligible for induction for decades.”

And here is the transcription of Courtney Love’s letter to the kid:

“I may shock you, but your letter touched me a lot & this was one of his favorite Guitars. When they delivered all of them the other day I felt so horrible, Kurt loved, more than anything, that kids liked his music and I just felt him over my shoulder when I read your letter.

Kurt is left-handed so you have to have the guitar professionally turned around or simply restring it – Good luck. -Courtney.“

You can click here to check out the post of Courtney and see the Facebook post of Bobby Costello right below.

Photo Credit: Kurt Cobain’s Guitar – Facebook