Kurt Cobain’s widow and the retired successful musician, Courtney Love, recently posted a series of photos on her Instagram account and talked about her first attempts to make it as a model and actress in New York City, while confessing that she stormed in Andy Warhol’s office one day.

The successful frontwoman of the alternative rock band Hole, Courtney Love Cobain, was one of the most popular figures of the ’90s alternative and grunge scenes. She was well-known for her great voice and stage persona, her bold character, and her brave feminine clothing style.

As you probably know, Courtney is one of the rockstars who use their social media accounts the most. She often enjoys sharing photos from years ago and recalls the days when she was struggling to make it as a model, actress, and rockstar. Before music, Courtney Love was determined to make a career out of acting, and thus, she moved to Manhattan and fought to achieve her goals.

In her recent Instagram post, she shared the story of how she got a role in two films, ‘Sid and Nancy’ and ‘Straight to Hell’ but that was apparently not enough for her. She kept sending resumes to Andy Warhol and one day, The Factory contacted her as Warhol had decided to put her in his MTV show.

However, that was not good enough, and one day she stormed into his office and asked him to paint her. Although he didn’t paint her, he created an opportunity for her. He commissioned a big spread in his Interview Magazine‘ and gave her a chance to shine and be featured in a well-known magazine.

Here’s what Courtney Love said in the caption of her Instagram post:

“My first time in fancy magazines, I had been in a couple of indie films, ‘Sid and Nancy’ (Working Title’s 1st film 🎥 ) & ‘Straight to Hell’ (Working Title’s 2nd film). I refused to leave Manhattan. Nowhere to go, no money & no future. I just didn’t care. I was going to meet Andy Warhol.

And? He was going to be mesmerized by my charms (I was a confident kid!) then, he’d paint my portrait. And? We’d be best friends (because of said charms).
I stuck out my New York couch tour, due to incredible friends, like the great Hal Wilner, (and his amazing record collection, and trips up to 40 Rock and Saturday Night Live every Saturday) lovely Julie Glantz (181 Mott Street). I’d never seen a loft like Heaven! After a time, answering phones at a brothel on Lexington handing out towels and condoms, to the tricks, cleaning up the girls’ rooms after, I was always incredibly sad after I worked a shift there…you would be too. I got so depressed I almost left. But one day somehow I got the message. I’d been called up to The Factory. ‘Andys taken an interest in you‘ I was told.”

She went on to write:

“He put me in his MTV show. Where I was introduced by Debbie Harry ✨(Blondie). When at The Factory, I found Andy’s office and went in. He was surprised, I think scared, that there I was! The man in the office with him, (I think named Vincent), runs the Warhol estate now, I double-checked with him at a gala (for Creative Time) that this happened, because memories get foggy. I started by asking Andy if he would paint me. ‘Why?’ He asked. ‘Because Im AMAZING!’ I replied (having no clue that Andy did NOT PAINT ANYONE FOR FREE!). He giggled and said to his friend ‘What do you think? Should I paint Courtney?’ He did not paint me, or even my shoes, (he was fond of drawing shoes) BUT, he commissioned a big spread in his Interview Magazine. I think the photographer 📷 is Albert Sanchez, Peter Mark Brant and Harry Brant found this in their archives last summer, their dad owns ‘Interview’ now. I’d forgotten it.”

Click here to check out the photos that Courtney Love posted on her Instagram account.