The verified and official Instagram page of ‘Cradle Of Filth’ has shared a couple of new photos today and announced that their limited edition of Cradle Of Filth album portraits is now available right now for the benefit of homeless people.

According to the caption of the band, the portraits were taken by one of the most famous photographers of the community named James Sharrock, and %20 of all sales will be donated to ‘Crisis’ which is the national charity for people experiencing homelessness. According to the photographer of the portraits, %20 symbolizes the year that the world lost to many 2020.

The portraits are now available beginning for the price of £75. The portraits have different sizes and materials and they are numbered, limited to a print run of 100. You may check out and buy the portraits by clicking here.

Here is the caption of the post:

“Limited edition prints of Cradle of Filth are now available by photographer James Sharrock, link in his bio. Cradle of filth shot in ‘Osterley House 2012’ for the album artwork of The Manticore and other horrors. ⁣

20% of all sales to Crisis UK to help the homeless. One of the images was used for the inside gatefold of the album. Also for all the Batman fans out there. This location was used for Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises.

James is doing a super limited edition of only 5 in a 30in x 40in size on Fujiflex crystal archive Supergloss which gives the blacks a super punch, seems only suitable seeing we were in Batmans’ house. 🦇 ⁣”

You can click here for the post.