The official and verified English extreme metal band Cradle of Filth made a public announcement after their latest ever live stream and shared their sadness after some of their ‘fans’ tried to bootleg the stream and leak it online.

You may already follow its career, the British extreme metal gang is working on their thirteenth studio album named ‘Existence Is Futile’ for a while and it will be their first-ever album after releasing ‘The Seductiveness Of Decay‘ back in 2017. While the fans still have to wait for the end of the year to listen to their latest album, Cradle of Filth is making live streams to close the gap.

As you might remember, the band made a live stream last week which is available to view until the 26th of May and fans can still have a chance to win a Midian guitar from Vorona Guitars. However, right after streaming the event, some fans tried to leak the performance on other streaming platforms. Today, the band posted a new statement about these people and called them ‘selfish creatures.’

Here is the caption of the post:

“I am supremely happy you guys enjoyed the live stream event, or at least seemingly enjoyed it judging by the comments. Really sad to see a few ‘fans’ trying to bootleg the stream and upload it though, thus attempting to undo months and months of planning and fervent preparation and sidestepping lockdown restrictions in the midst of a pandemic where both band and crew haven’t worked for a year and a half, but hey! Some people are twisted, selfish creatures aren’t they? ⁣

Anyhoo, for those who are not complete cunts, maybe you filthy brethren want to see another, perhaps more album-themed live stream further along in the year?

Maybe something themed toward a particular anniversary?
If so, just let us know in the comments below…⁣”

You can check out the photo right below.

Photo Credit: Cradle of Filth – Instagram