Cradle Of Filth guitarist Richard Shaw gave an interview to Ultimate Guitar in which he said he loved seeing Billie Eilish wearing a Cradle Of Filth t-shirt.

Back in 2019, Billie Eilish went on the stage wearing a customized t-shirt. They had sewn pieces of Type O Negative, Rob Zombie, and Cradle Of Filth’s concert t-shirts. After this surfaced on the internet, all three music acts praised Eilish’s shirt.

In their previous Instagram posts, Rob Zombie and Type O Negative shared a picture of Eilish wearing the t-shirt. Zombie commented on this and said she rocked the t-shirt while Type O Negative stated it’s awesome to see her support to Type O.

Along with the two, Cradle Of Filth also shared a post on their Instagram to reveal their thoughts on Eilish’s act. They said that apparently, she has good taste in music as she wears such a t-shirt.

Here’s what Cradle of Filth said about Billie Eilish’s look:

Whatever you think of Billie Eilish, she’s got some seriously good taste in gothic-tinged music if a coat made from Type O Negative, Rob Zombie, and Cradle artwork is anything to go by.”

In the interview on Ultimate Guitar, the host David Slavković reminded Richard Shaw and Marek ‘Ashok’ Šmerda of this. He then asked the guitarists their stance on mainstream pop stars like Eilish wearing metal t-shirts.

As a response, Shaw said that he loves this, and it’s an amazing act whether they really support the band or not. He then stated he is into anything that gets the band into the mainstream.

Ultimate Guitar’s David Slavković asked Richard Shaw and Marek’  Ashok’ Šmerda that:

“We’ve seen some of the mainstream pop stars wear metal t-shirts. This also includes Cradle of Filth merch, we’ve seen Billie Eilish wearing some of the band’s imagery. Opinions on this are divisive. What’s your stance on this?”

Richard Shaw then responded:

“I love it. If they love the band, amazing. If they don’t, still amazing. Anything that gets the word of the band out into the mainstream, I’m all for it. It’s great that Cradle’s name is synonymous with controversy after all these years.”

Mainstream musicians and celebrities wearing metal t-shirts is not very rare in the media. For instance, the world-famous couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also wore metal t-shirts.

You can check out the photo Cradle of Filth posted to praise Eilish’s outfit in 2019 below.

Photo Credit: Cradle of Filth – Instagram