Lacuna Coil co-lead vocalist Christina Scabbia recently posted a photo on her Instagram account to share her ideas about being a geek and a nerd. In the post, she also highlighted the change in people’s perspective towards them.

As you may remember, Lacuna Coil released their ninth studio album entitled ‘Black Anima’ on October 11, 2019. After the release, the album received very positive reviews from fans and music critics. The release was also followed by a promotion tour named ‘The Disease Of The Anima’ which featured some special guests.

Even though Lacuna Coil couldn’t release their new album due to the COVID-19 restrictions, they decided to stream a live show and draw attention to the importance of staying at home. In a previous Instagram post, Scabbia also targeted people who regarded COVID-19 as flu, to emphasize the risks.

In her recent Instagram post, Scabbia wanted to raise awareness about another social problem, which is judging people because of their passion. She stated in the post that being a geek or nerd was seen as childish, but now it has become a cool thing. Scabbia also stressed that having an interest or a passion is necessary to keep the inner child alive in a world like this.

Scabbia’s IG post read:

“Nerds unite! (Please read it all.)

Only a few years ago being a nerd or a geek (or both in the same body) meant to be judged as an awkward, immature and unprofessional individual (still do at times because of misconceptions forged by uneducated ones who still think is ‘just for kiddos’). Things turned around and all of a sudden a new level of coolness entered the room so that we didn’t hear ‘grow up!’ that often anymore.

Here are my two cents. I personally think that having passions in life (whatever they are) and a little fun is actually great for your body, mind, and soul. We should never slowly ‘die’ inside only because society tells us we should live our lives in stages as our age progresses. We only live once and we should enjoy every second we have been gifted with on this planet (well, I will up until I’ll go back to mine, at least)! Our life is what we make of it, after all.

Speaking of kiddos, one thing is sure: I will always keep my inner child alive forever, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. And guess what: I will, still, always kick ass.

How do you feel about this? Are you with me? Ever felt judged for your passions?”

You can see the photo Scabbia has posted below.

Photo Credit: Cristina Scabbia – Instagram
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