Anthrax’s Dan Lilker recently attended an interview on Laughing Monkey Music’s YouTube channel and talked about the band’s brief reunion during the pandemic. He stated that he would be up for small reunions like this in the future as well.

Anthrax is known to be one of the big four thrash metal bands along with Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth to have had a huge influence in popularizing the genre. Dan Lilker formed Anthrax, along with the rhythm guitarist Scott Ian, and the band went through several lineup changes throughout the years with Ian remaining the only constant member.

Lilker left the band in 1984 and was replaced by Frank Bello. The bassist continued his musical career with other bands such as Stormtroopers of Death, The Ravenous, Venomous Concept, and Holy Moses. However, during the pandemic, Lilker, Ian, and the drummer Charlie Benante reunited for a quarantine jam session.

The video was released at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of 2020 and took back their fans into their early days. The members were given their parts to play, and then those videos and sounds were assembled together for their fans to listen.

Lilker was recently asked how he felt about this small reunion, and he stated that he was pleased to have done it. He also stated that he would be up for small reunions like this in the future. However, he stressed the fact that a reunion wouldn’t be up to him.

Regarding their brief reunion, Lilker stated:

“The quarantine videos, yeah, those were fun. Back when all this crap with the pandemic first started, those guys got in touch with me. Charlie had been doing that with other people. Just these quarantine video things. Everybody gets their parts, and they kind of put their part on it. Somebody assembles them all so they can put it on YouTube.

I was approached for that, and said ‘Sure, why not.’ What else were you doing around then, everybody was at home, freaked out. I’m glad we did all that stuff because a lot of people if we look at the comments were just people who I would see in real life or be in touch with.

They said that was very helpful at a time like that. But a lot of people are freaked out. So a lot of dudes were like, ‘Yeah, man, it made me feel like I was 18 years old,’ and that’s exactly what I needed at this time when everything is so uncertain and weird. I think that’s just what some people needed then. So I was more than happy to be a part of that.”

When he was asked if they’d do something like this again, he said:

“That’s hard to say. I would hope so. I would. But it’s not entirely up to me. I would do something. Nothing that extensive, we’re all getting a little old now but show here and there, sure.”

You can watch the full interview and one of the quarantine videos below.