Dan Reynolds, the lead vocalist of Imagine Dragons, admitted in one of his latest tweets that he lost thousands of followers on social media just because he supported the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

Blazed once again with the George Floyd case, the Black Lives Matter movement has been continuing to confront people all around the world with their prejudices about the ethnic identities and the race concept. Many artists and musicians keep supporting the movement and try to show to their followers what they can do about the issue.

Among those musicians who advocate the BLM movement, Dan Reynolds revealed recently that he has lost thousands of followers since he began to show his support. Yet, he also said, he is glad that the people who are offended with such a crucial matter unfollow him. Lots of fans appreciated his stance by replying to his tweet.

Here is what Reynolds said on Twitter:

“I’ve lost thousands of followers since the BLM movement. What does this mean? Your musical association cared about black lives and that offended you?

Honestly. Very honestly. That’s. Ok. I don’t want you to listen to Imagine Dragons. It’s not for you. Imagine Dragons is love. Period.”

You can see Dan Reynolds’ tweet below.