The verified Twitter account and the official website of Imagine Dragons shared a new video today, and the frontman Dan Reynolds announced a cover contest that has $20.000 courtesy of Spry Gum.

According to the submission requirements, competitors will have to upload the video of them after covering either of Imagine Dragons’ new singles, ‘Follow You’ or ‘Cutthroat’ and any other covers will not be accepted. The participant may include instruments or sing acapella but can not karaoke.

The band also announced that fans’ submission can be performed by a single person, a band, or a group and if the band wins, the members will have to decide how to split the grand prize which is a cash prize of $20.000 and a Zoom call with Imagine Dragons members.

Here is what Dan Reynolds said in the video:

“Hi, guys! This is Imagine Dragons and we wanted to tell you about a co-opportunity. We are putting together a contest for you to submit a cover of one of our singles ‘Cutthroat’ or ‘Follow You’ by May 16th.

The winner is gonna get twenty thousand dollars in cash from Spry. There will be three rounds of voting. You and your family, your friends can vote every single day and we will be zooming the winner to congratulate them.”

And here is what’s written in the tweet:

“We want to see your best versions of Follow You and Cutthroat… Starting TODAY we’re launching a cover song video competition – the winner will get $20,000 courtesy of Spry Gum and we’ll be calling you on Zoom to celebrate.”

You can check out the video below.