Dan Reynolds, the frontman of Imagine Dragons, shared the fact that he does not hesitate to break ties with some of the fans of the band and said that ‘I don’t need it‘ on his Twitter account again.

As you may recall, Reynolds has clearly stated on Twitter that he is with the Black Lives Matter movement and does not care about the people who give up on listening the music of Imagine Dragons and following him on social media because of his support.

After his statement a few days ago, which you can see the details in our previous news,  Dan Reynolds has continued to say that Imagine Dragons and their music will always advocate the love and freedom while expressing that they don’t care if their support offends some people.

Here is what he said lately on Twitter:

“‘Goodnight goodbye hello’ whatever suits you. I am ME. I believe the things I believe. If it doesn’t suit you, that’s perfectly fine. I don’t need it. Don’t care for nice’eties anymore. I care for my truth. Thank you. Goodnight.”

You can see Reynolds’ tweet below.