Yesterday, Dan Reynolds celebrated a special day for him by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed his feelings to the fans.

Imagine Dragons’ frontman learned that his band became the most followed band in the Spotify and felt so proud because of that. Afterward, Dan thanked the whole Imagine Dragons fans and wrote a touching letter to them.

Later on, a fan user named Hugh replied to a tweet of Dan and said that he should celebrate this by releasing a new song. Also, he said that people shouldn’t interact with him because he is neither a friend of Imagine Dragons or the fans.

After a short period, Dan replied to this tweet and showed how a humble person he is. Dan stated that he is okay to interact with him instead of his cold behaviours.

Here is what Dan Reynolds said earlier:

“Today I found out Imagine Dragons is the most followed group on Spotify in history. And damnit, I felt incredibly proud. and it’s because of you.

You followed a depressed kid who turned to music for refuge in middle school. Thank you for singing with me. Tonight I feel so blessed.”

A fan named Hugh replied:

“I think you should drop new music to celebrate… Imagine Dragons stans do not interact I am not your friend.”

Dan Reynolds replied:

“Let’s interact imma try.”

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