Dan Reynolds, who is the lead vocal of Imagine Dragons, has shared his opinion about the being on top of the Billboard’s ‘Top Rock Songs of The Decade’ list via his Twitter account.

Dan has reacted to slanders and haters by responding to the recent tweet of Billboard which is featuring the list that we mentioned, ‘Top Rock Songs of The Decade.’ He also thanked the die-hard fans of him and his band

Imagine Dragons have been criticizing by the community because of their musical style. Some of the audience doesn’t like the way Imagine Dragons play and these people think that the band is making pop music instead of rock music.

Here is the first reaction from Dan Reynolds:

“Got on twitter to find all the slander and all the love. thank you for the love and yea I’d probably be mad if it wasn’t my band but it is my band hahahahahahbaba”

Dan Reynolds added:

“And in all serious. thank you so much. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to have spent the last decade writing this music and sharing it w you. it all comes from a real place and it always will. the world can debate what genre it belongs in. that’s not my concern.”

A fan named Lone Red Rover replied:

“Firebreathers understand that we are not confined to a specific genre. That’s one of the things I love about this band. You write the songs that heal our hearts and minds and we love you for it.”

Another fan named alechavessz said:

“NO HATERS. #WeStandWithImagineDragons”

You can check the tweets below.